Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance

Spay / Neuter Update

Reducing shelter intake and euthanasia means focusing on the dogs with a higher risk of homelessness or entering a government animal control facility. Due to overwhelming demand for our services, we must prioritize in order to make the most significant impact. We ask that if you have a toy breed dog, 15 pounds or under, you contact your full service veterinary clinic for spay/neuter services. These small dogs are rarely in shelters. For the few that do end up in a shelter, they are quickly adopted or taken by rescue groups regardless of age, temperament or condition. If you have purchased your dog from a breeder, we ask that you contact your full service veterinarian for spay/neuter services. This allows us to focus our efforts on medium and large mixed breed dogs and Pit Bulls– dogs that fill shelters, have large litters and do not always get adopted.

There are no restrictions on cats.